“I started making documentaries while still in college and it is eventually what brought me out to California where I would move onto the one-hour format for cable networks, PBS and independently.

I find it to be incredibly satisfying at the end of the day to be able to watch the dailies and get to know something or somebody you didn’t know the day before. “- CS

Cinema Verite’

Cinema Verite’ or french for direct cinema is a style used by documentarians  to tell a story. Filming or with today’s technology, shooting with lightweight digital cameras that capture incredible real life moments.

It is the job of these filmmakers not to rush to judgements but rather explore all paths, so that a clear and honest picture can be presented to the viewer.


Craig has interviewed hundreds of people throughout his career; from sports legends to the famous and everyone in between. No conversation is ordinary. He adapts each interview to the individual and always tries to get his subjects to feel comfortable before any formal questions are asked. It is this style that helped Craig attract such a strong cast when he directed his feature film JAM.