Broadcast and Streaming

Formatting | Editorial | SPORTS | Journalism


Craig has been instrumental in formatting multiple broadcast and streaming series and specials. He is adept at creating the road map for talent, style, graphics, and execution in alignment with the desires of the client or network executives.


Craig has extensive experience in the world of post-production. Having edited hundreds of hours of premium content for nearly every content outlet, he has honed his skills working with the best in the business. Craig has also supervised staffs of story producers, editors and A/Es in quick-turnaround situations. He is highly skilled in non-linear editing and in AVID, and has also spearheaded main title graphic design for news and unscripted series.

Sports / Journalism

Craig started with local news in New York, and then transitioned to working as a special projects producer for various news organizations with an extended contract at Turner Television. At Turner, he produced and edited breaking news, long form documentaries, and sports coverage.

This fast-paced style gave him a deep understanding of how to turn a story quickly in an engaging and informative way. During that time, he interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life. 2019 and 2020 brought him back to live television, working as a Producer for TBS Sports.