Credits List



NFL Game Day  Multi-Cam Live/Field Director

Turner Sports  Show Co-Producer

Gator Boys Supervising Producer/Post 

Animal Planet, 6 (One-Hour Episodes)

The Zoo Editor, Animal Planet

The Bain Family Supervising Editor, A&E, Pilot

The Greatest Writer/Producer/Editor,

Learning Channel, CIA & Niagra Power

American Heroes Executive Producer/Director,

PBS & Disney Channel (see press articles)

Shark Week Editor, Discovery

Nascar 360 Editor, FX Networks

Sunk Producer/Editor, The Travel Channel

American Jungle Editor, History Channel

The Real L Word Editor, SHOWTIME

Chasing Nashville Editor, Lifetime, NBC

Bear Swamp Repo Editor, Tru-Tv

Project Runway, Editor, Bravo

Los Cowboys* Editor, Hulu

Cutthroat Kitchen* Editor, Food Network, Ep. 101

American Guns Editor, Discovery Networks

Mall Cops Supervising Producer, Learning Channel, 12 Ep.

NFL Players Association Producer/Director/Editor-Media segments

Charles Atlas Corp Producer/Editor, Pilot

Modern Marvels Producer/Editor, History Channel/ Multiple eps

Intimate Portraits Editor, History Channel

Into Thin Air Writer/Producer, Highest rated CNN Special that year

Entertainment Daily Journal, Segment Producer, Documentary Series

Received Damages, Director, FOX, Black Flag Documentary

Roseland Writer/Director, PBS



Survivor (Seasons I-IV)* Editor, CBS TV

Amazing Race (Season III &IV) Lead Editor, CBS TV

American Idol (Season I)* Editor, Fox Television

Wife Swap Editor, ABC Television

Project Runway* (Pilot) Editor,  Bravo

Dancing With The Stars Editor, ABC

Expedition Impossible Editor, CBS

The Voice Editor, ABC TV/AUS

The Bachelor Editor, ABC

Kitchen Nightmares Editor, FOX

Sing It Editor, Lifetime

Mad Mad House (Season I)* Lead Editor, Sci-Fi Channel

Combat Missions Lead Editor, USA Networks

Treasure Hunters Editor, NBC-TV


America’s Most Wanted Editor, 20th TV (Re-creations)

Crimewatch Tonight Editor, Syndicated (Re-creations)

Cops Editor, Fox Television

A Current Affair Editor, 20th Century Fox Syndicated

Notorious Editor, Oxygen Net


Guiness Records Primetime Editor, FOX

Behind The Music Editor, VH1

Planet Primetime Editor, The Travel Channel


NFL Players Association Producer/Director/Editor

Charles Atlas Corp Producer/Editor, Pilot

Immortalized Lead Editor, AMC

Signposts Producer/Editor

Open Paths Producer/Editor


Last Comic Standing, Editor, NBC

The A List, Editor, Comedy Central

My Life Is A Sitcom Editor, ABC Family Channel

Eddie Griffin: Going For Broke Editor, VH1

Killer Karaoke Editor, Tru-Tv


Jam Writer/Director, Showtime & Starz Media           -Featuring Jefferey Dean Morgan and Gina Torres

The Unlikelies Supervising Editor, Fortune 5 Entertainment

Eat A Bowl Of Tea Editor, Columbia Pictures

Marilyn: Something’s Got To Give Editor, FOX